The curriculum we offer to all our students is broad, balanced, inclusive and purposeful. In our curriculum, knowledge is king and allows all our students to progress in line with their potential.

Our curriculum builds on what the students have learnt by the time they leave primary school and goes beyond the minimum requirement from the National Curriculum.

The curriculum is delivered in a way that learning is sequenced, progressive and logical; there is a clear golden thread in each subject where core concepts transcend individual units/topics. Students are inspired with the love of the subjects as they are challenged, motivated and can connect their learning across disciplines. All subjects contribute to the delivery of literacy across the curriculum being mindful of both the appropriate use of standard English, reading, comprehension, oracy as well as individual discipline's terminology. Students are also exposed to knowledge that goes beyond the taught curriculum through enrichment activities and reading. All this allows students to develop their long-term memory and their love for learning as throughout their 7-year journey they know more, do more and remember more.