The Weald Student

Everything we do at Weald of Kent aims at developing a culture of learning underpinned by our values: Individuality, Integrity, Good Manners, Tolerance and Resilience.

By the time they leave Weald of Kent at the end of their secondary school life, we wish our students to

  • Be happy, positive, responsible, ambitious and proactive
  • Lead a good life
  • Demonstrate resilience and emotional awareness
  • Be compassionate and listen to others
  • Value modern democracy
  • Show great ability, knowledge and skills
  • Endeavour to become a life-long learner with transferrable skills
  • Respond to challenges
  • Aim to do well
  • Think hard
  • Get ready for post 18 life in a global world

Oxbridge and Health Professions

We provide specific support to students applying to the Universities of Oxford or Cambridge, and those applying to health professions such as Veterinary Science, Medicine and Dentistry. These applications require a little extra support as the deadline for completion is October 15th and each application can involve admissions tests, submitted work and interviews.

We run an Early Applicant Group from the January of Year 12 through to the interview period of December in Year 13. Its aim is to enable students to make informed decisions about applying to these courses and universities, and to provide them with the skills and experiences that will support a strong application.

Here are some examples of our activities:

  • January: an evening with Oxbridge tutors
  • February: applications to Summer Schools, essay competitions
  • March: apply for, and attend, Oxbridge master classes
  • March: a visit from students of Queens College Cambridge
  • July: Open Days and public lectures
  • September: preparation for submitted work, admissions tests, personal statements
  • October/November: interview practice.

At Weald we offer a Medics Society as well as enrichment in STEM (Science, Tech and Maths) and Humanities. We also have an ongoing super-curricular programme in which we encourage the students to compete online courses ( go to university lectures and complete wider reading and research. We also provide bespoke interview practice for all these applications. Finally, we set up contact between our current applicants and alumni who have successfully gained places at Oxbridge and Health courses.