Our Trustees


Name                      Role          

Date of Appointment

Expiry of term of office

Appointed By

Trustee Group

Tim French Chair of Trustees November 2018 November 2022   Leadership & Management
Jeremy Dahdi Acting Vice-Chair of Trustees September 2016 December 2022 Trustees Leadership & Management
Antonia Rubin Trustee 
Acting Vice-Chair of Trustees
March 2018 March 2022 Trustees Leadership & Management | Quality of Care
Elizabeth Bone Headteacher September 2018 -   Leadership & Management
Gerard Garcia Trustee December 2014 December 2022 Trustees Quality of Education
Nick Hurman Parent Trustee March 2017 March 2021 Elected by Parents Quality of Education
Clive Bygrave Parent Trustee March 2018 March 2022 Elected by Parents Safeguarding
Becky Blackmore Trustee December 2018 December 2022 Trustees Quality of Education
Carmai Pestell Trustee December 2015 December 2019 Trustees Safeguarding
Steven Doyle Parent Trustee March 2019 March 2023 Elected by Parents Leadership & Management
James Hill Parent Trustee     Elected by Parents Quality of Care
Paul Martin Chair of Members        
David Bower Member        
Mark Hewett Member        
Richard Lloyd Member        


Clerk to the Trustees – clerk@wealdgs.org
Chair of Trustees – tfrench@wealdgs.org

Clerk to the Trustees
c/o Weald of Kent Grammar School
Tudeley Lane