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I am enormously proud to be the Headteacher of Weald of Kent Grammar School. As an ex-Weald student myself, I have benefited first hand from the opportunities that a first-rate Weald education offers. I understand it is not just that our students are supported to achieve excellent academic results, it is the resilience, strength of character and clear understanding…

Academic excellence

At Weald of Kent, we are committed to delivering a curriculum of consistent exceptional quality of education. To do so, we ensure that our curriculum intent and implementation are embedded securely and consistently across the school. 

Inspiring enthusiasm

At Weald of Kent, we have a clear understanding of our students’ potential and abilities, and therefore their cultural capital that needs to be broadened to play an active part in our modern and fast-evolving world. As a result, we are offering a variety of opportunities that we consider as “essential knowledge that our students need to acquire to become educated citizens, introducing them to the best that has been thought and said, and helping to engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement.”

The brightest of futures

Providing a stimulating, well-equipped academic learning environment is critical to the development of our progressive curriculum and success. We continually strive to enhance our facilities for all students.

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