Poetry Awards Evening

Last Thursday evening at our Sevenoaks campus, we held a Poetry Event for the poets whose poems were shortlisted in the 2024 Weald Poetry Competition.

The event was hosted by our superb Poet Laureates and the audience of parents and staff were treated to confident and impressive poetry readings from students in Year 7 through to Year 12 from both campuses. Readings were accompanied by a display of stunning art pieces also produced by students. The evening culminated in a speech by our judge, poet and writer Nathalie Abi-Ezi, who presented awards to poets and spoke movingly about the way students had responded to the theme of Conflict and Peace.

A thread that ran through the evening was Matisse’s idea that ‘Creativity takes Courage’ - courage was displayed in abundance, both through the willingness of the students to share their often quite personal poetry, and in the bravery of the performers themselves. Courage was also displayed by the wonderful musicians who entertained the audience at the start and the end of the evening.

All shortlisted and winning poetry and art pieces are showcased in our 2024 Poetry Anthology, a copy of which has been given to every poet and artist featured.

Read the Poetry Anthology here


Conflict and Peace Artwork