Entry Requirements 

To enter our Sixth Form, Year 11 students need a Grade 5 in GCSE Mathematics and a Grade 5 in either GCSE English Language or GCSE English Literature. They will need a GCSE average point score of 5.5 from their best eight GCSEs including Mathematics and English. There are also subject entry requirements to meet. The closing date for applications is Friday 15 January 2021. Applications open on Monday 2 November 2020. Please contact admissions@wealdgs.org to apply after the closing date.

Internal Application 

For existing students, an application for a place in our Sixth Form should be made via the Kent Choices website: https://www.kentprospectus.co.uk/  Entry is dependent on the students meeting our minimum entry requirements as detailed above.  Login details will be given to existing students during PSHCE on Tuesday 3 November 2020.

External Application (Within Kent) 

If you are an external student currently studying at a Kent school and wish to apply to Weald of Kent Grammar School for a September start, you will need to apply online using the Kent Area Prospectus by visiting: https://www.kentprospectus.co.uk/

This is a straightforward process. If you currently attend a Kent school, you will have been issued with login details to enable you to do this. 

We will request confirmation of predicted grades from your current school.

External Application (Outside Kent) 

Any student who is currently attending a school outside of Kent, an independent school or a school which is not based in this country will need to self-register on the Kent Choices website before an application can be made.
The link for self-registration is https://www.kentprospectus.co.uk/ 

To register click on the Login quick link in the top right hand corner.