The intention of the Sociology curriculum at Weald of Kent Grammar School is to inspire a passion for social issues among students. We want them to develop an understanding for how society functions, and how social inequalities impact the opportunities people have. The study of Sociology helps students build an empathic and rational understanding of society, different cultures and beliefs. This subject has a strong a citizenship focus, emphasising the need to be an active member of society.

Key stage 5

Year 12

Families & Households

  • Family structure
  • Domestic division
  • Changing family types
  • Social policy


  • Gender
  • Class
  • Ethnicity
  • Achievement

Year 13

Beliefs in Society

  • Religions - positive or negative functions for society
  • Different types of religions
  • How religion impacts on society

Crime and Deviance

  • Theory
  • Causes of crime
  • Who commits crime
  • Prevention  of crime