The Royal Society of Chemistry School’s Analyst Competition 2022

On Monday 16 May, nine Year 12 students participated in the Royal Society of Chemistry School’s Analyst Competition at Tonbridge School.  We’ve included some feedback from students who attended:

Participating in the RSC School’s Analyst competition was an amazing opportunity to develop practical skills and  confidence when working in a lab setting. Our theme was to investigate what makes the “perfect fish and chips”.

This involved 4 practical tasks in which we were competing both against other schools and the clock. Choosing the most suitable flour to give the perfect golden batter through chromatography, titrations with different concentrations of vinegar samples, testing the sugar content in potato samples and studying the thermal decomposition of baking soda to allow for the ultimate crispness. After 2 and a half hours in the labs, we had to enter our results electronically, and we are now waiting to hear who the winning team are! The evening was rounded off with a large consumption of pizzas donated by Tonbridge school. If I had the chance I would absolutely take part again to stretch my knowledge even further!

We look forward to finding out who the winning team are!