During the week of 25 April BAE Systems, The Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy visited both of our campuses to conduct a STEM Roadshow for our Year 7 students.

Below is some feedback about the event from the students:

When you think of magnets, do you think much beyond fridge magnets?   The STEM Roadshow opened my eyes to the real-life applications of magnets, from landing planes on ships to  powering plane engines. The magnet is practically an essential part of our life without us realising.  It was an inspirational journey from illusions to practical examples and the show really made me think about science and technology used in everyday life.  Evelyn

I found the show very entertaining because I realised that I learnt a lot of things that would usually be difficult or something that I wouldn’t remember if not shown to you in a comedic or a practical way. The performers were great and made me laugh so I really enjoyed it.   Jessica

I really enjoyed this roadshow and if they ever come back I would love to see them. Thank you to everyone who helped create and put on the show!!!  Annie