Congratulations to Year 11 on their fantastic results!

Mrs Clark, Acting Headteacher at the Weald of Kent Grammar School said of this year’s GCSE cohort’s results that, “We wish to congratulate our amazing Year 11 GCSE students on their fantastic results. This year marks the first occasion upon which we are celebrating the results of our students across both of our campuses at Sevenoaks and Tonbridge. Year 11 approached their public examinations this year with calm determination and an absolute commitment to doing their best.  They were supported every step of the way by their parents and carers who helped to ready them for their examinations.” Overall, the students attained record-breaking results with 21.4% of grades being a 9, 47.6 % of grades were  9-8 and 73.5% of grades were 9-7. The average GCSE grade within the school was a 7+.  The Trustees at the School stated, “We are very proud of all of our students and how they have stepped up to the challenge of taking public examinations having faced the prolonged educational disruption of Covid-19.  We would like to wish all of Year 11 the very best with their future plans.”