Congratulations to Year 13 on their fantastic results!

Mrs Clark, Acting Headteacher at the Weald of Kent Grammar School said of this year’s A-level results, “We are absolutely delighted by the superb achievements of our Year 13 students in their A-level examinations. The students have not only excelled academically, but have also shown throughout their studies a remarkable level of resilience and commitment to their learning that is to be commended.” Mrs Clark also wanted to acknowledge the unstinting support of the whole of the parent and carer body in helping the students’ preparations for their examinations. Overall, the students at the school attained outstanding A-level results with 54 students gaining all A*/A grades, with 12 of those students being awarded straight A* grades. The A*-B % for the school was 80% and the average A-level grade within the school was a B+. Mrs Clark added, “We are extremely proud of our students and how they have stepped up to the challenge of Advanced Level examinations whilst also being the first ever cohort of students not to have sat their GCSE examinations. They approached their public examinations with maturity, determination and focus.” The Trustees at the School stated, “We would like to congratulate Year 13 on their success and wish them all the very best for the future as they leave the school and embark on their next exciting journey.”