Welcome to the Start of the New Year

September 2nd 2022

Dear All

I would like to start the year by welcoming everyone back to school.  We are excited here about the year ahead, and I wanted to share with you what has been going on at Weald over the summer and in the last two days.

On Thursday 18th August, Year 13 students and their parents and carers gathered in the School Hall at the Tonbridge campus to receive their A Level results from staff at the school.  Our Year 13 students attained outstanding A-level results with 53 students gaining all A*/A grades, with 12 of those students being awarded all A* grades. The A*-B % for the school was 80% and the average A-level grade within the school was a B+. Our students made the front page of that week’s Tonbridge Courier, it was lovely to both see and read about our students’ successes.

Later that day, many Year 13 students, their guests and staff congregated at the Salomons Estate in Tunbridge Wells, to eat, drink and dance until late at their hastily arranged Leavers’ Prom.  It was a truly wonderful occasion and the students did the school proud.  I would like to thank Mrs Swaffer personally who made her own balloon arch for the event which looked like a professional had constructed it.

A week later on Thursday 25th August, we had for the very first time, students, parents and carers making their way to both of our campuses to collect their GCSE results.  Again, staff were on hand to distribute the students’ results envelopes.  In spite of the appalling storm that broke out early in the morning and AQA delaying the release of the PE GCSE results, nothing could dampen the spirits of our Year 11 students upon opening their results. The results of our Year 11 students were fantastic with 21.4% of grades being a 9, 47.6 % of grades were 9-8 and 73.5% of grades were at 9-7. The average GCSE grade within the school was a 7+. 

Our students achieved record-breaking results this summer at both GCSE and A Level, and we are so proud of them. Their results are particularly impressive given the context of Covid-19 and the immense disruption it caused to the students’ GCSE and A Level courses. I would like to congratulate all of our current and former students on their achievements and thank parents, carers and staff at the school who have all worked tirelessly to support the students with their learning.

Many teaching and support staff have been working hard since the GCSE results day to process our Year 12 admissions.  I am delighted to inform you that we have enrolled over 260 students into Year 12 over both campuses, and we are extremely excited that for the first time, A Level teaching will commence at our Sevenoaks campus. On Tuesday 30th August, we enrolled all our new Sixth Formers into the Weald of Kent, and we look forward to working with them over the coming two years.

Over the summer period, a great deal of building and maintenance work has been carried out, and we are pleased that our three new additional English classrooms are ready for both students and staff to use from the start of this academic year.  Thank you to all the facilities and maintenance staff for their work over the summer period and to Miss Webb, our Operations Manager, for overseeing all the various different projects.

Yesterday, all the staff at the school met for our first official day back at work and our annual September CPD day.  This year, everyone worked in groups on key activities linked to our school improvement priorities.  Every group got to feedback to the Senior Leadership Group, and we will continue to work collaboratively as a staff team on delivering the necessary improvements the school requires.

Today was the first day that we had students back on either campus with both Year 7 and Year 12 attending their respective Induction Days at both campuses.  It was lovely to welcome all of our Year 7 and Year 12 students to Weald and I wish the students all the best for the coming year.  It is hard to think of a first day at school for our new students, without remembering your own one.  I can remember when I started at my own secondary school how big everyone seemed in comparison to me, as I measured only 4ft 5 inches and had Size 1 feet.  I was also convinced I would never learn where everything was, but it is amazing how quickly our new students will be able to navigate the school buildings with absolute confidence.  It has been lovely to see our new Year 7 and Year 12 students at both campuses looking so smart either in their Weald uniforms, or their  Sixth Form office wear.  We are all looking forward to seeing the rest of the school return on Monday. 

I will be writing a letter to all parents and carers on Monday 5 September which will give you more information about the upcoming school year.

Do have a lovely weekend.  

Best wishes

Mrs S.A. Clark